Mabir Cruz
Healthydermis CEO

In this opportunity we also want to welcome you. We understand that the last few months have been difficult and hardly until now things are getting back to normal. Therefore, we want to assist and take care of you in every possible way, because you deserve it!

We are absolutely pleased and prepared to receive you and that is exactly why we obey all the necessary biosecurity protocols. After these past weeks of preventive isolation, our Healthydermis team is trained to offer the best service, always having into account that your health and well-being go first.

It is time to leave all the tautness behind and let yourself feel good again. Our products and treatments are waiting to provide for you that space of selfcare that we all know how important it is. Every cloud has a silver lining. We are waiting for you!

Biosecurity protocols

In the next video we are going to show you all the instructions that must be
followed when you come to visit us. For us, your health is our priority.


Ultrashape – Lipo without surgery:

It is a novel machine whose function is to absorb the fat from the body in a very rapid and efficient way. It acts upon the localized fat, eliminating it permanently, without risks or pain. Each one of the sessions is so effective that the results are strongly evident within your first experience. Ultrashape is FDA approved. It is the perfect opportunity to have a liposuction and getting rid of all that uncomfortable fat, without the need of subduing yourself to a surgery. Additionally, there is no need for recovery time; the procedure is completely safe and free of risks.
Inquire about our special offers for you.

NEW Calecim Serum:

Healthydermis has a NEW and revolutionary product that will lift your skin with out surgery! Healthydermis always innovating.

What is it:
Calecim Serum is a specialized in skin restoration and rejuvenation product, that, by the means of the lining of the umbilical cord, revitalizes the skin, making it appear more strong, young, and healthy.

Calecim Serum contains a high concentration of cytokines, which are secretions of the mother cells that the organism release in the damaged areas to repair the skin and promotes a healthy and secure cellular restoration. This product permits the augmentation in the regenerative response of the damaged cells and in the ones that have been deteriorated by time, because it contains the perfect amount of nutrients to work upon the key spots of your skin in a very localized way.
The sales of Calecim Serum are very exclusive, and we have it completely available for you here in
Healthydermis, because we want you to let yourself feel young and, especially, healthy.
We invite you to consult about our prices and offers.

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