Lose Fat with UltraShape

Do you have stubborn belly fat that just won’t go away? If so, UltraShape may be perfect for you. It is a new, FDA approved treatment that could rid you of fat for good.

Although it doesn’t work for everyone, it can be a good way to manage problem areas. 


Ultrashape is a medically-approved treatment option to permanently reduce fat in specific areas of the body. It uses a form of ultrasound technology that is completely painless. 

During the procedure, a certified technician uses a smooth ultrasound device to target and destroy fat cells in the chosen area of the body, without causing harm to the skin, nerves, blood vessels or connective tissues in the surrounding area.

While it is FDA approved to reduce belly fat, it also can be used for outer thighs, upper arms, and hips. 

To se the greatest benefit, patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle, and have a BMI of less than 30. Good candidates should have around two-to-four inches of fat in the area to be treated. 

UltraShape is not a treatment for weight loss or obesity. It is important to have realistic expectations. This treatment does not replace liposuction or treat cellulite or loose skin.

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How Much Can You Lose?  Clinical studies have shown that people who use UltraShape do lose fat in specific areas, but the fat loss is not huge.

Anyone considering the procedure should have realistic expectations. Fat loss in most studies is demonstrated in centimeters, not pounds or inches. 

A recent study showed that UltraShape users had an average loss of 2.5 centimeters after their first treatment and 3.5 centimeters after the third treatment. Some studies do demonstrate higher fat loss, but clinical trials usually demonstrate a reduction of three-to-five centimeters. 

This may seem like an insignificant amount, but three centimeters can mean the difference in dress sizes.

This may be exactly what you need to gain more confidence or just be more comfortable in your clothes. 

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Cost of UltraShape

UltraShape usually costs around $1,000 per treatment, though this varies depending on where you live.

Most people require three treatments to see the best results. However, new improvements could reduce that to two or even one treatment. 

Side Effects

 Most patients report a comfortable experience but bruising and pain may occur. This was very rare in the clinical studies however. The device used to administer the ultrasound therapy gently sits on the skin.

There is no cold or hot feeling, no loss of feeling, and no sucking feeling. Patients are free to resume normal activities immediately following the treatment. You could even have the procedure during your lunch break! 

If you are considering UltraShape, be sure to choose a facility that is run by a board-certified physician. It is important to consider this treatment as part of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

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