"At Healthydermis, we're always innovating and it's always a pleasure to bring you the best. That's why we put in your hands a wonderful product created for you, PhewMe Collagen! So you look radiant and beautiful every day in a natural way. This product transforms your skin from the inside out." 

Mabir Cruz Riveros
Healthydermis CEO

A product we love for you!

PhewMe! Fantastic Collagen, Hydra plus Beauty Drink!
This product prevents premature aging, helps collagen formation and keeps skin feeling as soft and fresh as a peach!

Benefits include:

* Decrease wrinkle depth
* Increase hydration
* Improve skin firmness, strengthen nails, hair
* Improves blood circulation
* Stimulates the immune system
* and more!
Develop beautiful skin by increasing collagen levels and providing antioxidants with PhewMe!

Treatments especially thought for you!

Vaginal Rejuvenation 
Want a better intimate life?

Through radiofrequency energy our treatment tightens tissue and stimulate the production of collagen, which is the protein in your vaginal tissue that provides strength and elasticity. The energy the treatment produces also improves circulation to the tissue to restore moisture and health.

Benefits include:
* Improves intimate moments
* Alleviate urinary incontinence
* Control of proper vaginal lubrication
* External and internal vaginal tissue rejuvenation
* Increased blood flow in the area
* Repaired vaginal laxity
* And more!

Want more defined facial features? 

Radio-frequency treatment provides optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin. Improves skin tone and texture irregularities. Improves the skin’s overall appearance with smoother skin and a more radiant glow.

* Stimulate the formation of new collagen
* Improve skin elasticity
* Painless
* No downtime
* For all skin types seeking 
* And more!

Non-Surgical Lipo
Do you want a flatter stomach to show off during the summer?

The non surgical lipo is a painless FDA approved treatment with no downtime.

Benefits include:
* Minimal side effects
* Effective
* Precise
* No down time
* Reduces and removes unwanted fat pockets * And more!

Are you ready for a deep facial cleansing for a radiant glow?

Greet spring looking your refreshed best with a little help from a HydraFacial treatment.
HydraFacial benefits:
* Fast
* No downtime
* No discomfort
* Immediate results
* Beautiful, radiant, and healthy skin

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We trust you already have a sunblock that you use every day, rain or shine. If not, stop by. We have the right SPF that won’t leave your skin greasy or dry based on your skin type, so you’ll feel great every time you use it!

Stem Cell treatment introduced a new line of cosmetics designed from plant stem cells and aims to protect the life of existing cells, based on the natural ability to self-repair of the skin. With age our natural cellular renewal process slows down, our cells loose the ability to function effectively and skin becomes thinner, dull, lined and blemishes appear. With our treatment it stimulates collagen & elastin production, reactivates aged cells, and creates a more youthful, radiant appearance.

If you’re interested (and, who isn’t interested in a healthier skin?), talk with our trained skincare expert to learn all of the details. Bright, clear skin for the spring time is what everyone wants!

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