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For this month we offer you excellent treatments for you to fall in love with your skin all over again. In Healthydermis we are working to take care of your skin and wellbeing. That is why our doors are wide open for you and our team of experts is ready to receive you with the best in technology. We want you to feel as safe as you are at home! On behalf of Healthydermis, the art of aesthetic
science, we welcome this month full of great treatments, excellent products, and the best attitude! I invite you to schedule your appointment with us, in order for your skin to receive all of the care that it deserves and more!

Treatment of the month Morpheus 8 

Try out our Morpheus 8 treatment and give your face a more splendid and younger aspect! Morpheus 8 stimulates the neocolagenesis in the inner layers of the skin, through an intradermal radiofrequency. In this way, it acts over the subdermal fat and reduces skin flaccidity as well as irregularities in your face’s surface. Just as the rest of our treatments, Morpheus 8 is highly effective and secure. This treatment can be applied in any type of skin, and over any area that needs subdermal stimulation in order to have a healthier aspect. Additionally, it’s non- invasive and completely ambulatory. We invite you to pamper yourself with our treatment Morpheus 8 during this month so you can get rid of all of the facial flaccidity that bothers you. Remember that in Healthydermis you are our priority. We are waiting for you!

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Product of the month
Calecim Professional recovery night complex

Healthydermis has a NEW and revolutionary product that will lift your skin with out surgery! Healthydermis always innovating.

With Calecim Professional recovery night complex , hydrate and restablish your Skin´s cells!  Calecim Recovery night complex alleviates irritation and redness that are common after any facial procedure, because it provides a variety of cytokines, found in the red reindeer’s cord lining stem cells extract, that permit the cells to actively recover. With its Aloe Vera extract, hydrate your skin and reduce any type of swelling and discomfort, in order to have a very pleasant and completely rejuvenating night. Calecim Professional also contains glycerine and betaine, which protect the moisturizing layer of your skin, for you to say goodbye to the morning dryness. Also, it has Niacinamide, a natural antioxidant that cleans all the damage that your skin receives from the environment. We invite you to try our product of the month and make the most out of the benefits that it has for your skin. Wear it during the night, enjoy a healthy, hydrated and rejuvenated skin everyday!

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