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Laser Tattoo Removal

- Effectively Reduces The Appearance Of Tattoo Ink
- No Scarring – The Laser Light Is Designed To Leave Your Healthy Skin Cells Alone.
- Can Remove Specific Tattoos Or Cleanse Entire Regions Of Your Body From Tattoos
- It’s One Of The Safest Ways To Remove Tattoos

Laser Tattoo Removal

29 years of experience and the latest FDA technology gives our experts the opportunity to serve you with our best quality treatments.

Embracing the latest advancements in laser technology, our tattoo removal service offers a safe and efficient way to say goodbye to unwanted ink. With a focus on the laser tattoo removal process, we tailor each treatment to the individual’s skin type and tattoo characteristics, ensuring the best possible results. Our state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal machines are adept at breaking down ink particles, facilitating their natural removal from the skin. The process is designed to be minimally uncomfortable, and our experts are skilled in providing care before, during, and after the procedure to maximize comfort and effectiveness.

Our service doesn’t just remove tattoos; it restores the natural beauty of your skin. We pay close attention to the skin after tattoo removal, ensuring it heals properly and retains its health. For those particularly concerned about outcomes, we provide comprehensive before and after care guidance to support the healing process. Results of tattoo removal can vary, but our gallery of laser tattoo before and after pictures speaks volumes of our expertise, especially in challenging cases such as dark tattoos or tattoo removal on dark skin. From the initial consultation to the final session, we ensure every step of the laser tattoo removal procedure is understood and approached with the highest standard of care.

What can I expect during a laser tattoo removal treatment?

Permanent tattoos aren’t as permanent as they once used to be. Thanks to advanced lasers, a tattoo removal procedure can effectively diminish or completely remove even the darkest and largest tattoos in no time.

We use advanced technology that effectively targets the pigments used in tattoo ink, yet minimizes the effect on surrounding skin tissue for maximum results.

What can you treat with Laser Tattoo Removal?

No two tattoos are alike; they vary in the type of ink used, colors, and depth of application. Black inks are generally the easiest to remove; reds,blues and greens are moderate, while light colors such as yellow tend to be the hardest.

  • Black Ink (Easiest to remove)
  • Yellow (Slightly harder to remove)
  • Red (Harder to remove)
  • Blue & Green (Hardest to Remove)



Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

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