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The Art of Removing Tattoos

A variety of laser wavelengths can be selected based on the color of your ink ensuring maximum flexibility for tattoo removal in as little as a few treatments.

What can I expect during a laser tattoo removal treatment?

Permanent tattoos aren’t as permanent as they once used to be. Thanks to advanced lasers, a tattoo removal procedure can effectively diminish or completely remove even the darkest and largest tattoos in no time.

We use advanced technology that effectively targets the pigments used in tattoo ink, yet minimizes the effect on surrounding skin tissue for maximum results.

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What can you treat with Laser Tattoo Removal?

The color of the ink is more of the most important aspects when thinking about laser tattoo removal.

Black Ink (Easiest to remove)
Yellow (Slightly harder to remove)
Red (Harder to remove)
Blue & Green (Hardest to Remove)
Ave Inches Lost
Guaranteed Results

Disclaimer: Typical results for Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment consist of 4 or more sessions depending on the severity of the case. 

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